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How Can Image Sharing Can Grow Your Business?

With the growing number of photos being shared on the internet along the increasing number of photo-sharing platforms, it is clear that people are more attracted towards visuals than text. However, another fact is that millions of images and pictures floating around the World Wide Web aren’t just selfies and photos, they also comprises pictures of brands, their logos and products. Digital marketing companies are significantly using social media channels like Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, tumblr to promote brands of their clients using pictures. A brand picture liked on a customer account reveals worth more than words or text.

According to the CEP of web design company Blue Fountain Media, Gabriel Shaoolin, “Technology has turned us into a very visual culture. Cameras are in phones, watches, tablets and laptops. As a result, there’s been a dramatic increase in photo usage and instant display channels to feature them. So for a brand that is trying to communicate a marketing message, image-based content is becoming one of the strongest tools [to do so].”

So, how can online marketers can benefit out of the image-based social media content? Have a look at the three important tips offered by the marketing experts that might help organizations harness the power of a photograph.

1. Build a clear Strategy

Just like your other social media marketing campaigns to advertise your company needs a clear strategy, same applies to using image-based platforms. While most of the businesses understand the value of using social media platforms like Instagram and Pinterest, they do not have a clear idea about visually representing their brand on these mediums properly.

When it comes to image sharing marketing, in addition to focussing on the target’s engagement, organizations must also represent their brand properly and humanize their business. In short, analyze your goals and target audience first and formulate a visual strategy accordingly that also includes video marketing can help you go a long way.

Your goals should include:

  • Getting Representatives for your brand.
  • Visual and verbal interaction with your consumers.
  • Entertaining and informing them.
  • Listening to what your customers have to say.

2. Identify the Right Platform

Reaching the right audience through the right channel at the right time is the best mantra to get success. This symbolizes that each social media platform has its own user demographic and marketing pattern. Hence, in order to make your photo sharing marketing successful, organizations must know their potential audience and how they engage with their favourite social media platform. Also, since most of your target audience use smartphones to access internet these days, you should also optimize your content for the mobile experience. For this, you can link your photos or images to your mobile website, select visuals that look good on smaller screens, and take benefits of new mobile features, such as the ability to embed Pins.

3. Think Out-of-the-Box

Posting photos of your products regularly certainly a good start, but it should not be your only approach to image-based online marketing. Your customers are already aware of your products; instead they look for content they can engage with. They are attracted towards user-generated content that is authentic and trustable.

In order to increase the amount of user-generated content on your social media feed, you can set up contests that encourage your customers to share their experiences with your product, instead of simply taking their photo with it. These real-life experiences of people with your product or company will motivate others to at least give your product a try, which can be a great game changer for you in the future.


If you’re looking for link building strategies like image sharing or any other social media marketing services, hire an online marketing agency to help you with your marketing campaigns.

Are You Forgetting to Brand Your Business?

There is certainly plenty to think about when you have a business. You strive to offer the best products and services. You strive to keep your employees safe and happy in the work environment. You also work hard to gain new customers while making sure previous customers still feel appreciated.

While all of this does matter, you can’t drop the ball when it comes to other important issues. One of them is corporate branding, and it can help you to get your business well recognised in your industry. That is important because it means you will be the entity people turn to when they need the products or services you offer.

Make it a Priority

Corporate branding has to start from the top and work its way down. It has to be a priority for CEOs, managers and passed to the employees. It needs to be an integrated part of the marketing strategies for the business. Selecting the right model to follow is important. There isn’t a one size fits all option.

Instead, you need to evaluate each of them available. Look at the pros and cons each of the models for corporate branding can offer for the business. It may take time and research to gather that information and apply it to your specific business. However, this gives you the framework to get started in the right direction.

Parallel with the Business Vision and Goals

Everything you do relating to corporate branding needs to be parallel with the business vision and goals. If it is opposing, then it is a problem and creates friction. Getting on the same page means you can create better outcomes. You will also start to develop strong relationships with repeat customers.

As a result, your business reputation is going to improve and that will gain you new customers. Continue to educate your stakeholders, management, and employees on any changes in the goals or vision of the business. Over time, they can start to branch out in new directions. Just make sure everyone is fully aware of this and you will stay on track.

Embrace Technology

Never shy away from the use of new technology when it comes to corporate branding. It provides better and faster ways to get results. It offers new methods for you to reach your target audience and really make an impact on them. With the new technology, you can stay ahead of your competitors. It is better to be seen as a leader than a follower by your niche market.


A lack of communication can be one of the biggest roadblocks. Don’t get in your own way. Empower your employees and your customers so they can help you. Employees love to feel appreciated and to be rewarded for hard work. They should always feel valued and should be encouraged to share ideas. Their feedback can be a huge benefit for the business.

Customers enjoy being able to give their feedback about the business. This is the best way to find out what is working and what isn’t from their point of view. It can help you to examine your current corporate branding methods. Then you can decide what works well and what needs to be modified.

Evaluate Performance

Stay positive and stay motivated, but always evaluate performance at regular intervals. Compare your overall goals to where you are now. Have you made progress since the last evaluation? If you notice the growth isn’t continual, it is time to vamp it up. It will always be a work in progress. However, you should always feel like you are moving forward rather than backward.

Some Helpful Tips Of Web Designing With The Best Feature

Business trends keep changing. There is a lot of competition in the digital solution industry. Every businessman tries to put their full effort to face this competition.

Online presence of each business now has become mandatory. A website helps to represent any business throughout the world.There should be proper features in the website to get more traffic. High-end web designing can fulfill the need. Many companies are there who provide high-quality designing service all over the world. From the background color to the contents.Each and every factor adds to bring the website a better ranking. Creating the best website increases the traffic. These websites are designed by experienced web designers.

No Specific Standards For SEO

If the visitors are convinced with the information then they turn into a customer. It is better to investigate the previous projects of the company to know better their efficiency. The quality of the company depends on their services. The developer has their own guide for SEO. They always follow that criterion and get the maximum parameters to get the best ranking for the website. None of the search engines have given standards for getting the top of the SEO. The web designer observes the trend and does an extensive analysis to improve the website.

User-Friendly Features

Navigation through the website should be user-friendly. The visitor should reach the destination website easily. This satisfaction of navigation and the secured commercial sales allow them to carry out the job fruitfully. There are a lot of sales going on in the website. People have got used to sales online. It is easier with a mouse-click and the product comes to the doorstep. Web creation and web designing are affordable nowadays. Thus, many companies are choosing to get the website designed from a reliable source.

A Few Important Points:

• The IT sector has developed so much, many web designing companies  have genius web designers.

• Many companies from all over the world are getting web designing services from renowned agencies

• Web designers have shown their talents with affordable rates.

• Companies are pleased with the designing work ,as a result, more web designing projects are coming.

• The website gives the best information about the company and its objectives.

• The product and the service details with pictures create an effective website.

• The visitor stays on the website for at least a minute. The website has to hold him and convince him within that time.

Maintenance And Regular Updates

It is very important to maintain the looks of the website. As the visitor should feel the unique features of the website. Maintenance and regular update are necessary to make the visitor feel new every time. Regular news about the company should be posted to keep the customers engaged. New products and the services of the company should also be introduced that add extra information to the visitor. Though the website may not have a good ranking, some visitors might feel that the website has the necessary information and may share the website through social media.

Getting In phase With Technology

Technology is improving a lot throughout the world. Along with that web designing services also getting indispensable. They use the latest version of the website to convince the visitor. If each and every feature of the website is observed, you will get to know more about the technology development as well.There are many features that help in improving the navigation and downloading. The visitor uses these features and definitely, they will feel good about this technology.

Many Features To Add More Affects

Advertisements and sales are taking place on the website. These features help the visitor to know more about the products and services. Expert designers first understand the business of the clients thoroughly. As per client’s requirement, they add important features. That will, in turn, increase the revenue.

Backlinks, keywords, font style, graphics, sound effect and back tags help the website to get more visitors. Professionals follow the present trend and regularly do the market analysis. Sometimes even reviews are taken into consideration to get the best input and minute change in the template can improve the quality hugely. Give importance to every detail to get the best output.

WordPress Website Development is The Need of The Hour

Do you wish that your digital marketing to expand? Do you desire to comprehend how to build a website employing WordPress? Do you want to understand what WordPress website development is? What is hurdling you from introducing your site? In case you do not discern how to build your website with the help of WordPress then here are tons of web WordPress tutorials available. Simple read and find out and take your business to new altitudes.

The programmers of WordPress have in fact done a great job and they have functioned capably to offer it with an extra edge over others. Pretty a great deal of business owners has located a mark & it’s for the remaining ones to go after. WordPress helps in an unbelievable mode to help you put up your site. WordPress is taken as a grand, promising platform to discover the basics with reference to website development. Let us learn how simple it is to learn WordPress.

If you are perplexed with acronyms such as content management systems, search engine optimization, and HTML and these hurdle you from going ahead with your website creation then, allow me to tell you that WordPress is astounding software that allows you to build your website devoid of any knowledge of these terms. Allow us to find out how

What do you know about Content Management System?

To put it simple, content management system splits the ciphering as well as development of an online site from the contents. Furthermore, for the concluding user, a content management system allows them to amend their own website content – such as headings, pictures, content, as well as links without comprehending what site programming is. You would find a great deal of CMS and numerous of them are without any charge, nonetheless keep in mind that after you create your internet website over a particular content management system then you just can’t change over to another content management system.

WordPress is the best content management

As compared to a great deal of other CMSs, along with WP it is pretty easy to find out. And for one occasion you comprehend the art of employing WP, editing is extremely simple. This is noteworthy as like many of the entrepreneurs, you moreover don’t have much time available and resources or proficiencies to employ to keep up your website state-of-the-art. But with the help of WordPress web development services, you can easily do that.

Reasons why WP is the best content management system

Below are a few of the prime reasons why WordPress is the finest content management system available:

For programmers, WordPress is easy to set up over and above is free to use. Anybody can download it through website, publish to online host & then install in with the help of some easy steps. A few present web hosts even offer 1 or 2 clicks set up of WordPress.

Sometimes you might require some sort of assistance for editing from programmers and when your website is developed over WordPress, you could simply find the correct person to assist you. This is since most of the programmers function with WordPress &they are alert to how and what to carry out to fix right your issue.

WordPress is frequently advanced to integrate fresh features

And fix recognized bugs right. Upgrading the software installation is very easy and could be carried out with a few clicks.

There is precisely a great deal of WordPress modules and add-ons available which either enliven the user knowledge or help website proprietors handle their site.

WordPress is an excellent blogging platform. Hence if you wish to create a blog, post articles, etc then WP is particularly arresting.

At the end of all, WP is very simple to utilize and WordPress website development is a nice option. It is simple to add content without comprehending HTML. You do not even need to learn to utilize any compound HTML editing tool. With the help of WP, you could simply add pages as well as posts.

You can use your web resources to locate a good IT web service company that can help you with WordPress web development. You can use major search engines like Google.

Smart Investment Decision Via The eCommerce Consulting

Now it is the age where everyone is slowly and gradually making a transit from the analogue to the digital. This has become necessary to sustain the trade and growth. Today’s generation prefers to shop online but an older person who belongs to the previous generation may be comfortable shopping in a brick and mortar shop.

A trader especially a retailer needs to maintain a balance between the two. If he is not in the knowhow of the digital world he can lose to his competitors who are well ahead of him and have adapted themselves to the digital world.

The only option is to decide in favour of a smart investment. What is the way for it then? An established business can be digitized paving the way for the ecommerce implementation. This can be easily done via the enterprise ecommerce implementation which is not difficult. An experience ecommerce consultant with expertise on this can be hired for this and this requires an investment. But, it is worth taking this investment. Yes against the huge benefit availed after this digitization, the fee charge by the ecommerce consulting agency will always seem to be small.

One who goes for this smart investment has taken the right decision no doubt. Care should be taken anyway to hire a competent consultant who can use the enterprise ecommerce solutions effectively and to generate profit and brings in the overall growth of the website and business at large.

Choosing an enterprise ecommerce platform is not enough for digitization. The online business is a day to day activity. Trends keep changing and the one who has adapted to the modern ways well will be successful and the winner in this competent world. How can one know about the changes in the trend of the ways of the world is of course through the ecommerce news. This can be started with ecommerce consulting at the outset. An ecommerce consultant can offer help in this area.

Smart decisions in all areas can be taken with his or her aid. The first step the consultant will take is of setting up of a website. Via this platform the public and the customers come to know about the products sold. Different kinds of products should be made available to anyone who uses the internet and should be easy to use even for the not so tech savvy.

When many people use it there will be a lot of traffic generated. This improves the SEO analytics and improves the SEO of the sites. This is really a necessity. It improves the ranking of the website to make it easily available to more and more people. The number of hits and the customers will be in the direct proportion to each other.

Of course when a high ranking is attained it is not the end. Work should be done to improve it or at least keep it in tact. An expert thus deploys this smart way of retaining the ranking keeps the flow of profit. A hybris consultant usually helps in hybris implementation to create an omni-channel commerce.

Using WordPress for Enterprise Resource Planning

What are the initial thoughts that traverse your mind when you hear ‘WordPress’? An effective blogging and website building tool! But as a matter of fact, through WordPress and other Content management systems (CMS), you can accomplish much more than just web publishing. It is also capable of classifying, processing, filtering, displaying and controlling access to information which takes it much closer to enterprise resource planning software.

Enterprise resource planning systems are basically deployed by companies to manage information about different business processes and supply that information to the respective people in the organization who want it. Enterprise resource planning (ERP) tools are widely used by larger corporations to streamline workflows and control processes that are very complex, involving thousands of people, as well as vital for the productivity and sustenance of the business. For example, processes like human resource management, sales, marketing, manufacturing, logistics and many others. ERP in itself is a billion dollar business and steadfast ERP platforms are quite expensive. They come with a broad spectrum of features and most of the features are beyond the scope of utilization for many businesses.

WordPress, though not recommendable for the largest enterprises, is equipped with all the features (accomplished via plugins) required by SMEs for their enterprise resource planning. However, it is more desirable to have those functionalities integrated in WordPress rather than gaining them via plugins and WP ERP tries to address this issue.

WP ERP is an open source enterprise resource planning tool for WordPress that offers a free core plugin, comprising of HR, CRM and Accounting solution, and a premium plugin for effective project management called WP Project Manager that integrates quite well with the core plugin.

WP ERP is a well-equipped tool for small and medium sized businesses. For instance, its HR module includes all the features required for managing individual employee profiles and their performance evaluations, department listings, leave request management and leave policy, holiday management, and messaging platform for individual employees or groups. Furthermore, this module also generates reports with graphical representations beneficial for HR professionals.

WP ERP is also getting its asset management module developed and once it is done, WP ERP will be able to cover most of the functions offered by expensive dedicated ERP platforms.

If you are a small or medium sized business then WP ERP is the right platform for your enterprise resource planning. For cost effective solution, contact Outsourcing WordPress Specialists and manage your business processes effectively.

5 Key Ingredients of Business Websites

Business websites have become indispensable today. If you want to sell your products or services successfully all across the world, you should have a well designed, well optimised and easy to navigate website. There are a number of things that you need to take care of.

The competition of having a stronger online presence is stiffer than ever today. There are many key ingredients that need to be kept in mind if you want to attain the maximum value for your website. Given here are the 5 ingredients that a good business website should contain.

Lead Capture Box:

All the well-planned business websites should have a capture box on their homepages. This is the space where visitors submit their email addresses. This box is important because a major portion of the visitors does not buy from you on their initial visit and in all chances they do not return back. Lead capture box helps you pursue these prospective customers. You can offer them something of value for exchanging their addresses.

Quality of Content:

It is one of the reasons why buyers purchase from you. With the help of compelling content, you can engage and persuade them. Not only this, they keep on coming back to your website, if the content is engaging. The content should be in the brief paragraphs, in the bullets and in the numbered lists. It should be in the language of interaction.

Social Media Sharing Buttons:

Social media is the most powerful marketing tool. People tend to share the things that they found interesting. If you own a business online, make sure that your website has social media buttons. This is so because people love to share the content they read with the buttons that they see on the site.

Easy to Navigate:

If your website is not easy to navigate then your readers would be turned off. Make your website simple to navigate so that they get the information they are looking for. You need to include a “Contact Us” in the navigation bar so that your prospects can contact you easily.

Your Website Design Should Be Responsive:

Responsive design means your website automatically adapts to the format and layout in which it is being viewed whether it is a Smart phone or a tablet. If they face with the issues like difficulty in finding your pages.

3 Top Reasons to Hire Professional Website Development Company

It is truly said that website is the face of your business online. This is so because your website has a global exposure. This is viewed by millions of people worldwide. If web design and development of your site is not done by a professional expert, you are sure to face loads of problems. Given here are certain reasons which are good enough to hire a professional.

Appealing Design:

Only a professional web designer knows the right tricks to design a visually appealing website. The design of your website is the first impression. The designer knows how to customise the features all in one to get the best possible look.

Error-free Coding:

Once the initial design is ready, website is taken by the developers. To develop a website is a tedious process. Any slightest error in the coding process affects the overall performance of your site. If you want your websites to load quickly without any no-page error, developing a website is a technical process that cannot be handled by an unprofessional.

Easy Optimisation and Promotion:

Even if your website is the most appealing one and easy to navigate, can load quickly etc., it would not be a success until it is optimised and promoted. A professional company optimise and promote your websites so that you get a large exposure. Apart from doing SEO, they indulge in promotional activities as well to help your website grow.

A professional We4b development company would make sure that you get an official website that people can actually find and read. Only a good design and development is not important, website has to be optimised and promoted well also so that it can be easily found in the search engines.

With the exponential rise of internet users, a good official website has become indispensable, it is your identity online and therefore you need to be cautious. There is no scope of taking any chance. If you think of doing yourself or hiring a novice for this you would end up in losing leads. So, make your business grow by hiring an expert web development company in UK that can give you the best deal.

Hire Veteran PHP Developer to Boost Up Your Business

PHP is highly interoperable with various http servers and database interfaces comprising My SQL, Oracle etc. Hence, it is currently a highly popular and extensively used programming languages.With such an upsurge in this blooming technology, organizations prefer to hire PHP developer for their business website development. It is many a times, very difficult to select the best talent for your project. Whether you are a website owner, project manager or a webmaster and are looking to recruit a PHP programmer, here are few thing which you will need to consider before hiring one.

Importance of expert PHP developers for your business

Before going forward, let us first consider the importance of a good programmer.

The world today is completely dependent on World Wide Web for its various needs. Various businesses are taking a new shape and are going online. So to get into the pace with the present world you will need to hire a good web developer for uplifting your business. Since the web development costs captivates a big chunk of your investment, always be sure to choose a right person for your web development. A deserving candidate is sure to add value to the business.

Classification of PHP Developers

On the basis of domain knowledge and technical skill, PHP developers can be classified into 3 ranks.

Beginner: These PHP developers are relatively new to this field and usually work with supervisor guidance. They are normally recruited for small and simple projects.

Mid-level: They have relatively a good hold on PHP and can convert most of your ideas into web reality.

Advanced Skilled: A person with good knowledge of PHP, related business realm and SEO basics can be termed as advanced skilled PHP developer.

Engagement Model of Hiring PHP Developers

The PHP developers can be hired for the following engagement models:

Fixed Cost / Project Work Basis: In this model, on the basis of business requirement a fixed quote for the complete work is provided. One need to be very crisp and clear in illustrating all the requirements as cost estimation is always done on the basis of project requirement.

Dedicated Model: In this model the developer charges on hourly basis. It is largely used where business requirements are not clearly predefined and in case of regular maintenance of already existing website.

Tips to hire the best talent

After considering the above discussed points, you will finally need to consider the following tips to hire the best talent.

It is very important to evaluate the past work of the programmer/web development company. Evaluation should be done on the basis of the accomplishments of the existing website and not by its design and looks.

Reference contact can be of great help, in portraying the true skills of the assessed candidate.

In case of fixed cost, always mention everything clearly in project requirement document. Cost estimation is always done on the basis of project requirement.

It is always advisable to hire a third person to hire PHP developer, in case you are not a skilled PHP developer and you require a developer for dedicated model.

Digitalize Your Business

With the strike of each second, the motion of development is taking place. It is a story of the past where the sellers used to ensure that no stone is left unturned in not just grabbing the attention of the buyers but also making them learned about new products. Radiate e- Services is the firm that has completely understood the enormity of this segment, this is why it is also known as the best Website Designing & Development Company. Our association with this form of modern marketing has notched up great levels. It is all only due to the crystal clear form of understanding, which can’t be possessed in an easy fashion, especially after losing the grip on this subject. It has always tried very hard to ensure that the adoption of cheap gimmick is not done because the value or worth of an inferior product does not assist you in reaping the positive benefits.

As a great expert in this particular segment, the firm has always maintained that the client’s queries are not just resolved but the work is taken to the next higher level. Digital Marketing is just like the normal process of advertising about the product to outside world. The only difference that is created is that a smarter way is now being used or implemented by the experts. Like any other process of work or tool sometimes the weak form of updating might be done. This can happen because of the fact that either the executive is not that sound or his lack of experience acts a hindrance, which results in complete failure. Our office staff members have an amazing approach that always works in our favour to bring out the essence of the work. The team comprises a right balance of knowledge and experience and that at all the times clears out the foggy ideas with the brilliant form of presentation to the outside world.

The golden rule on which the firm has believed in is that to understand the need and reason of the client in whichever area they are working on. The Digital Marketing services like – SEO, SMM, EDM, Web Designing, Net and Knowledge Analysis, Email Campaign etc in addition to the top class skills of the work force is why the work is being given to this firm. In all the branches of Digital Marketing, the employees in a crystal form erase out all the negativities and bring in only positive responses from the customers’ side. We are so different from the outside world, due to the fact that our creation, selection, posting, giving proper publicity to all the work which will raise the level or status of product, service associated with your firm. It only takes place because of the fact that a thorough understanding is done and only then a suitable solution is possible.