Guide To A Successful Career In Search Engine Marketing

Guide To A Successful Career In Search Engine Marketing

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Introduction to SEM (Search Engine Marketing)

Search engines have become an integrated part of our lives. In today’s world, ‘being online’ is not an option. In US alone, around 7 billion searches are being made every month. Travel, finance, entertainment, education, health or ecommerce, search engines are being used to find information, products and services.

Search Engine Marketing or SEM is the process of marketing a website via search engines. SEM strategies primarily consist of Search Engine Optimization (SEO) and Pay Per Click (PPC) advertising.

SEO is the process of improving natural or organic rankings on search engines. Search engines rank websites based on variety of parameters and each search engine has its own algorithm to rank different swebites. However, one common and most important ranking parameter is a site’s credibility which is determined by the quality and quantity of other sites which link to it. PPC is a type of internet advertising in which the advertiser pays an agreed amount to a search engine for every click a visitor makes on the advertisement. It is also referred to as Cost Per Click (CPC), Paid Placement and Search Engine Advertising.

SEM Industry

According to a research by SEMPO, Search Engine Marketing industry was at $9.45 billion in North America in 2006. It is expected to be over $18 billion industry by the year 2011. The SEM industry grew significantly in 2006 as compared to 2005 when it was less than $6 billion in size. According to the same research, while SEO is the most popular form of SEM, it accounted for around 10% of the total spending. However, Paid Advertising accounted for over 85% of the total SEM spending in 2006.

Over the last few years, the importance and the acceptance of SEM has grown significantly. According to a survey by SEMPO, of all the respondents, more than 50% said that Senior Management at their companies are ‘very involved’ in their SEM program. Sales and Brand awareness were the two major objectives behind all SEM programs.

SEM Job Profiles

Growth in the SEM industry has created a strong demand for experienced and talented Search Engine Marketing professionals. This demand is expected to grow even faster in the coming years with lots of new opportunities for existing and budding Search Engine Marketers.

The SEM industry offers various kinds of job roles for its professionals. Given that the industry is still evolving, these job roles are also changing and new roles are being created with new initiatives. For instance, online PR (Public Relations) has gained significant growth over the last year and so is the need for PR writers and marketers.

An SEM professional may be employed for an in-house work or by an agency. For instance, ecommerce companies like eBay, Google, Yahoo hire SEM professionals for their own products and services promotion. However, agencies like iProspect hire people to serve their clients for various SEM assignments. One may also work as a freelancer. Since every activity of an SEM job can be done online, lots of freelancing opportunities exist for independent SEM professionals. Find below the list of some of the key job roles in the SEM industry. Please note that depending upon the size of the organization, some of the mentioned roles may be combined into a single role.

SEO (Search Engine Optimization)

• VP/Director, SEO
• SEO Manager
• SEO Team Lead
• SEO Executive (Link Building, Keyword Research etc)
• Content Writer and Editor
• Account Manager (for organizations who serve multiple clients)

PPC (Pay Per Click)

• Campaign Executive
• Campaign Manager
• Ad Writer or Copywriter
• Account Manager (as above)

Besides the above mentioned roles, organizations also hire technical professionals and graphic designers for building tools and technologies for effective SEM implementation and service.

SEM Salaries

Although there is no official data available on the salaries earned by SEM professionals, the annual salary for an SEM professional in US typically range between $30,000 for an SEM exeuctive to $250,000 for a VP level position depending upon the years of experience and the location. The salary offered for similar roles in India range between Rs 120,000 (approx $2500) to Rs 30,00,000 (approx $65000) per annum.

In-house professionals demand higher salaries than professions working in an SEM agency. The key reason behind this salary difference is that in-house professionals possess stronger domain knowledge compared to an agency professional and thus the role performed by an in-house professional is more critical.

Required Skill Sets

To be a successful SEM professional, one needs a variety of skill sets. Moreover, the skill sets requirement changes with time as per the changing needs of the dynamic SEM industry. Find below the details about the key skills required by an SEM professional.

General Skills

• Strong quantitative and analytical ability
• Excellent communication skills (particularly writing skills)
• Constant urge for learning (industry is dynamic and one needs to stay abreast of the best practices)

Technical Skills

• Sound understanding of Computers, Internet, Email and HTML skills

• SEO techniques – both “do’s and don’ts”

• PPC techniques including specific knowledge about programs such as Google Adwords, Yahoo Search Marketing and MSN Advertising

• Sound understanding of tools such as Word Tracker, Google Keyword Suggestion & Traffic Estimator, Google Toolbar, Google Analytics, HTML Editors and FTP Softwares

• Sound understanding of relevant programming and scripting languages such as PHP, ASP, XML and CSS (for technical positions)

Sales & Marketing Skills

• Ability to understand the customer and the market
• Customer Relationship Management
• Ability to think creatively & bring innovation to the marketing approach

Unlike the software industry where lots of options such as certification exams exist for one to assess his skills, the SEM industry offers limited avenues for skills assessment. Given the newness of the industry, it is justified. However, few options still exist for SEM skills assessment. Find below few such options:

SEM Certifications

• Google Advertising Professional Certification
• Yahoo Certified Ambassador

SEM Quizzes

• OM Careers SEM Quiz
• W3schools HTML Quiz

SEM Learning Resources

Success in Search Engine Marketing requires both learning and practice. The key element of learning in the SEM industry is to be abreast of latest best practices. Therefore, one needs to have a constant urge to learn in order to be a successful Search Engine Marketer. An SEM professional has numerous options to learn SEM concepts and best practices. However, it is critical that one chooses appropriate options for continuous learning. Find below a list of selected learning options.

Discussion Forums – Given the dynamic nature of the SEM industry, participation in discussion forums is considered the best approach to be abreast of latest happenings. Below is a list of some of the popular SEM discussion forums.

• SEO Chat
• Search Engine Watch
• Web Master World

Blogs – Blogs are another powerful source of continuous learning. Find below some of the blogs which publish valuable information about SEM concepts including latest revisions and trends.

• Google Adwords Blog
• Yahoo Search Marketing Blog
• Matt Cutts Blog
• SearchEngineLand

Articles and Tutorials – Some people do not want to go through a complete training or a course. However, they are interested in a crash course or a quick revision. Find below some of the popular SEM articles and tutorials written by SEM experts.

• SEMPO Learning Center
• Beginners Guide to SEO by SEOmoz
• Google Webmaster Guidelines

Online Trainings – A training or a course in SEM offers a structured way to learn SEM skills and provides a good start, especially for the beginners. However, one needs to be responsible for continual learning to be updated about latest trends. A self study based online training offers the convenience of learning from anywhere and the flexibility of learning anytime, compared to a classroom based training. Find below a list of some of the valuable online training programs in SEM.

• SEMPO Institute
• Adwords Learning Center
• Yahoo Search Marketing (click on ‘Find out How Sponsored Search Works.’)
• OM Careers SEM Game
• DMA Training Program

Classroom Trainings – Although classroom based training has some disadvantages over an online training program, the fixed schedule of the classroom training offers a more powerful structure (one’s learning does not depend on one’s mood) to ensure the learning it promises. Find below a list of some of the recognized classroom based trainings.

• SEOToolSet
• High Rankings Seminars
• Search Engine Workshops

Newsletters – Newsletters are a great way to keep oneself informed about the latest happenings in the SEM world. Find below some of the popular and valuable SEM newsletters.

• Search Engine Guide
• SearchDay
• ClickZ News

Professional Organizations – By being part of reputed SEM organizations like SEMPO , one can stay up to date about latest happenings in the SEM industry. Moreoever, such memberships offer exceptional opportunity to network with industry experts. Find below some of the reputed Search Engine Marketing professional organizations.

• SEOPros

Conferences – Participation in SEM conferences is another great opportunity for training & development, directly from the industry experts. Find below some of the prestigious Search Engine Marketing conferences.

• Search Engine Strategies
• WebmasterWorld Pubcon
• ad:tech

SEM Interviews

Search Engine Marketing is both a Science and an Art. The selection process for SEM professionals may involve a single interview, multiple rounds of interviews or a combination of written test and an interview. A candidate is most likely to be tested on both general and technical skills, as mentioned above. Many organizations first conduct an aptitude test and then follow it up with a technical interview.

Please understand that it is possible that the person interviewing you may not know more than just few SEM buzzwords. The reason they are considering you for a position is that they need your expertise and that you may be the first one to bring that experitse. The company may not be fully convinced about the potential of SEM for them and you may be able to convince them through the interview process. It is critical that before you go for the interview, you study the website of your potential employer and the products/services offered by them.

Some of the questions commonly asked in an SEM interview are:

1. What are the advantages of SEO over PPC?
2. What is Web Analytics?
3. How do you optimize a dynamic web page?
4. What is black hat SEO?
5. List 5 important website elements for SEO.
6. Mention 3 popular PR, Directory and Article submission sites.
7. List 5 most common SEO incompatible issues found on most websites.
8. What are the most common ROI metrics in Search Engine Marketing?
9. What is a landing page?
10. How do you perform keyword research?

Visit OM Careers SEM Interview section for a comprehensive list of SEM interview questions.

SEM Jobs Resources

The growing SEM industry has created lots of new jobs and the demand for SEM professionals is going to increase continuously at least for next couple of years. Find below a list of some of the popular job sites for SEM.

• SEM Jobs at SEMPO
• SEO Jobs in USA
• SEO Consultants
• GetAFreelancer (freelancing SEO jobs)

Diesel Generator Hire or Sales

Generator Rentals VS Generator Sales

Generator CompaniesGenerator hire today due to the ever increasing cost of generator sales is ending up being more popular and quite the standard. Generator rentals truly hits the spot as opposed to acquiring a generator. Many markets’ main problem is to keep overheads expenses low. Through generator leasing, a company can get a kick out of a lot of advantages than it experiences when it buys a generator. Not just this, you have no upkeep to stress over, no warranty problems or anything what so ever. Everything to do with generator use is to do with the owner. There are loads of Generator Specialists who can guide you on power generator hire

That’s why when you decide to work with a generator, you save cash in the long run Benefits of Diesel Generators Dealing with a generators presents a higher flexibility. In case your service is needed to move possessions your generator can effortlessly move with you too. Likewise, if your organisation grows, one can speak about the concerns to your hire to accommodate a smaller or a more huge capability maker. Within an unstable economic environment, it is routinely a particular benefit of generator leasing for organisations in prone sectors. Market Catastrophe Recovery Generators are not just used for power production but likewise for numerous other functions too. Various production applications can use electrical or mechanical power produced by generators to carry out their jobs.

Benefits Of Diesel Generators

A generator can also be utilized in power production in areas where other sources of energy are unavailable. Diesel generators demonstrate high toughness and performance. The primary aspect for confidence is that diesel motor are regularly industrial status makers that can make it through extreme weathering and also show high production for extended durations. They similarly are incredibly errored tolerant thus being picked by an industry expert Diesel Generator Rentals Renting a generator can frequently be more affordable than having your very own. Because having a generator needs a significant cost that will remain on your balance sheet for a prolonged duration even after your need of the generator ends. When you prefer to lease a one, a monthly figure is paid as an alternative, therefore saving your capital for other functions.

Versatility and Generator Upkeep Although your business owns a generator, making sure that a reliable generator hire is integrated as part of your disaster revival plan is a good alternative. Catastrophe recovery plan problems a method that will be used must your business struggle with a fire, flooding, theft, security violation or another unanticipated event that triggers organisation disruption. Ensuring that you have a generator hire company as a option exposes that you will can getting your business to run quicker, for that reason reducing losses and downtime.

The most important advantage of diesel generators is that they have a high market worth. They are preferred hence are easy to use. One can buy a new or previously owned diesel generator for your business usage and provide it later on with slight to no decline in worth. In between all the fossil energy sources, the most easily provided around the globe is diesel. It is found almost all over the world. A generator is primarily helpful if you have field offices in isolated regions. A diesel generator can quickly restore your energy requirements anyplace you are positioned. Purchasing a diesel generator is an outstanding choice if you wish to attain an cost-effective energy solution.

Because diesel is fairly affordable when compared with routine gas, it’s appropriate for use in numerous commercial applications. Diesel generators have really been made use of for a extended period of time. For more than a hundred years, diesel generators have in fact remained in use in commercial industries. Its main function is to take out the chemical energy in diesel and alter it to kinetic energy. Considered that different kinds of energy can be changed or transformed between themselves, it is simple to turn diesel energy into electric power through the concept of shared induction.

Web Business Marketing Methods

Web Business Marketing Methods

On-line companies are less costly to run compared to basic retail organisations due to the fact that running approaches are normally affordable, and also web companies have really little overhead expenditures. A web company could be run at house, as well as marketing a net company has lots of inexpensive alternatives as well as approaches not paid for to normal company proprietors.

Advertising and marketing approaches are various, yet not all techniques of net advertising are recognized to net service proprietors. These inexpensive advertising approaches make it straightforward for any individual with a net organisation to make that service an economic success.

For web services and also web sites to get the highest possible search engine positions, they need to obtain an ample quantity of web traffic. Web service proprietors looking for even more website traffic send their internet sites to look engines in order to boost web traffic. If search engines will not provide web sites high after their listings when web traffic is reduced, just how can internet company proprietors get the website traffic they require in order to get greater search engine positions as well as a possibility at success?

Web entrepreneur trying to find inexpensive online marketing must seriously take into consideration ending up being associated with web link exchange opportunities.Exchanging relate to various other service sites is not simply a low-priced advertising approach, trading organisation web links is usually cost-free. There are internet sites where those desiring to exchange web links could discover suitable web link companions likewise thinking about complimentary and also low-priced advertising and marketing with boosted site web traffic.

When net service proprietors are obtaining the essential site web traffic in order to attain high ranking search engine standing, they must send their net service internet site to all of the significant search engines. Advertising a service site via low-cost as well as cost-free online solutions is a smart as well as efficient technique of net service promo.

On the internet services are less expensive to run compared to basic retail companies since running approaches are normally low-priced, as well as net services have really little overhead expenditures. A net service could be run at house, as well as marketing a web service has numerous low-priced alternatives and also techniques not paid for to normal company proprietors.

As soon as net service proprietors are obtaining the needed internet site web traffic in order to accomplish high ranking search engine standing, they ought to send their net organisation web site to all of the significant search engines. Advertising and marketing a service site via low-cost as well as complimentary online solutions is a smart as well as reliable approach of net company promo.

5 Tips for your Online Marketing Strategy

5 Tips for your Online Marketing Strategy

Internet marketing is an extremely solid device that almost every firm could gain from. Internet marketing will certainly assist you to get to customers that you would certainly be incapable to get to with regular advertising and marketing suggests. It could aid you to boost your photo, raise the passion in your firm, as well as boost the website traffic to your business.

With that said being claimed, internet marketing is greater than an internet advertisement and also an e-mail to a data source. Internet marketing covers numerous places and also techniques, covering throughout the internet to offer you with a winning method. , if you desire to have effective on the internet advertising and marketing you require to prepare out this online advertising technique.


These 5 suggestions will certainly assist you to plan your personal approach. They will certainly aid to combine a natural advertising technique that will certainly be as efficient and also reliable as feasible.

Talk Clearly

You have to make certain that your internet marketing techniques talk plainly and also briefly. You have to successfully connect your message to the masses; this implies that they could conveniently recognize the message that you are attempting to make clear. Consider exactly what you are aiming to state to your target market and also claim that in the clearest method feasible.

Know your Target

You should see to it that you recognize every little thing that there is to understand about your target audience. You need to know just how they run to recognize specifically how you can market to them. You will certainly not be able to properly reach them with your advertising and marketing approach if you do not understand your target.

Know your Options

Every excellent advertising approach will totally tire readily available advertising choices. You should understand your numerous choices, as well as should function to comprehend which of these different alternatives will certainly help your firm.

Job Cohesively

An advertising approach has to implement products that are natural. Natural advertising and marketing strategies will certainly assist to develop a project, making your Internet advertising and marketing as reliable as feasible. Maintain the very same tone in your creating design as well as the very same layout style to produce a natural appearance.


Ultimately, you should ensure that your internet marketing initiatives achieved success. You have to subsequent with your method, evaluating your strategies as well as techniques after the advertising project is performed. This will certainly assist you to recognize whether you should fine-tune, alter, or totally finish your internet marketing project.

These suggestions make it very easy for you to plan all the complex information of your internet marketing technique. They will certainly aid you to comprehend ways to talk to your target market, ways to tighten know your target market, as well as how you can unite a whole approach. This natural project as well as method will certainly aid to maintain your organisation on course as it profits of internet marketing.

On the internet advertising and marketing will certainly assist you to get to customers that you would certainly be incapable to get to via typical advertising implies. On the internet advertising and marketing covers several locations and also strategies, extending throughout the internet to offer you with a winning method. If you desire to have effective on the internet advertising you require to intend out this online advertising and marketing approach.

Natural advertising methods will certainly assist to produce a project, making your Internet advertising as reliable as feasible. These ideas make it very easy for you to intend out all of the complex information of your online advertising and marketing technique.